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October 6th, 2020

So Long Primaries

Over the past few months I have been experimenting with different clay bodies and glazes. When I first began working with clay I really enjoyed bright, bold colors that made a statement. Now, a few years later, I am shifting towards more subtle and earthy tones with a few pops of color here and there. So far my favorite combinations are Navajo with teal, matte black, or white glazes, and also Morroccan sand with mist blue glaze.

October 5th, 2020

Porcelain: a fickle bird.

Porcelain has its allure with a smooth texture, lightweight clay body, and the vibrancy it brings to glazes. Not to mention, if you are an art history fanatic (much like yours truly), porcelain holds significant historical weight in many cultures – specifically China, Japan, and Portugal. That being said, porcelain is a fickle clay that I have had difficulty with time and again, which has been frustrating, and of course, another learning opportunity (insert eye roll here).

When all goes according to plan, you can create beautiful pieces that transform in the kiln. When all does NOT go according to plan (a.k.a. the craft of pottery) you can end up with pinholes in your glazes or your pieces may crack in the kiln. As a beginning ceramicist, I tend to make my pieces too thick which can cause issues during firing. When you mix that with porcelain, you can end up with a mess in the kiln. I mean a big mess – glaze all over your freshly washed shelves…Sigh.

As for now, I plan on either thinning my pieces out, or taking a break for porcelain for a little while. Sometimes, you just need to step away.

Have you worked with porcelain? If so, please contact me and let me know what has worked for you!

October 4th, 2020

Lids for Days

Lids often accompany your favorite vessel. Whether it be a honey pot or salt pinch, sometimes it is fitted with the perfect small lid with a tiny knob or handle. As a potter, finding the perfect fit and feel of a lid can make or break the entire piece (see what I did there?). Personally, I try to keep my lids simple, lightweight, and just enough of a handle to grab on to, without the piece looking top heavy or clunky. Here are a few examples of lids I have been experimenting with over the past few months. Featuring my favorite, the miso bowl – its top half doubles as a lid and another bowl at the same time *gasp*!

October 3rd, 2020

So, whats with catchalls?

Have some stuff? Have some stuff that you want to easily access without cramming it into your nearby junk drawer? Sounds like a catchall is for you!

I really enjoy making these shallow dishes that are borderline salad bowls. They are stand alone pieces that don’t require a full set to make a statement in your house. Having one or two can simplify your life:

Bathroom catchall: hair bands, chapstick, bobby pins, tampons…you name it!

Front door catchall: keys, wallet, mask, phone (if you want to do the whole “leave your phone by the door at home to disconnect from technology” thing).

Bedside catchall: earplugs, glasses, watch, eye mask, accessories you took off before bed.